Dumb ways to die is a popular casual puzzle game. It is a rather exotic game, where you only need to die by all kinds of simple methods, and then you can complete the customs clearance and successfully unlock the next level. If you are also a person who likes to challenge, then come here and explore the world with foolish ways of dying.

Dumb ways to die game content

In Dumb ways to die, you have three lives to challenge in each game. The purpose here is not to let the little monsters die, and through your wisdom and strategy, control the little monsters to avoid those dangers and complete the mission objective of the game as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will witness the various patterns of death in the game.

Dumb ways to die are game features

Simple ways to die’s game is easy to operate. There is musical accompaniment here, and the style tends to be slightly fresh. Secondly, it has enough level games waiting for you to explore. All kinds of small games are extremely testing your wisdom and thinking. As you go through customs and upgrade, the difficulty and speed of the game will increase.

Dumb ways to die is an excellent casual game. What you need here is to protect these little monsters from foolish ways of death.  Once the game starts, all three little monsters are dead, and then your game is over.  You must have played the classic 2048. This is a simple but addictive game. You have to move the numbers to the spaces and superimpose them.  Once there is no room to move, the game is over.

Surgeon Simulator is a game that allows you to experience doctors. The real settings will make you feel powerful and have a deeper understanding of the surgeon profession.  The coffee shop is a simulation game. You will make different styles of coffee for various guests to satisfy them.

The pool party is a game of elimination. Only by removing all seaweed and seaweed from the pool can you have a clean swimming pool.  Diggy, on the other hand, is an exciting casual game. You will help it collect pinecones to obtain gold coins, and then upgrade its equipment to dig deeper and farther underground.

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